Root Canals in Pompano Beach, FL

The root canal has unjustifiably earned a negative reputation. Many people believe it is a painful and excruciating experience, but nothing could be further from the truth when you visit a modern office like Amador Dentistry in Pompano Beach. We combine state-of-the-art technology with educated staff to ensure your treatment is quick, efficient, and painless.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an endodontic procedure that focuses on the soft pulp inside of the tooth. Beyond the tough enamel that forms the exterior lies a bundle of tissues and nerves. Once tooth decay manages to eat through the enamel, it targets the soft pulp and nerves in the interior. The result is an infection that spreads throughout the tooth, even attacking the roots that hold the tooth in place.

When an infection progresses, a root canal becomes necessary. Our dentist and endodontist will drill through the enamel and remove the affected soft pulp. Afterward, the interior is sanitized and filled with a substance called gutta-percha, which preserves the structure of the tooth. At the end of the procedure, a crown is placed on top, and you can use the tooth like normal.

Who Needs One?

At Amador Dentistry, we will try other measures before settling on the root canal. Our goal is to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible so that you maintain optimal oral health and wellness. However, we understand that there are situations where you will be healthier and more comfortable once the pain has been alleviated.

Many situations can necessitate a root canal, including having a severe internal infection, experiencing advanced tooth decay, or even physically damaging a tooth to the point where the soft pulp is exposed and infected.

How to Receive Treatment

If you think you might need a root canal, it is important to contact a professional like Amador Dentistry in Pompano Beach as soon as possible. Our educated dentist and endodontist will perform a thorough exam during your appointment, during which they will take x-rays and determine the extent of the damage or infection. If you need a root canal, it can be completed on the same day. Our staff will then provide instructions for aftercare, and you can leave with your pain alleviated.

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