Denture Repair in Pompano Beach, FL

Over 20 million people in America alone are supported with dentures for their smile. This restoration has provided many with an unending list of benefits that allows them to enjoy day to day activities. However, dentures are not invincible and often need adjustments or replacements. Our team at Amador Dentistry provide a wide range of treatment options that help to benefit tooth replacements. Our experienced staff uses high-quality options to continuously repair dentures for all our patients in the Pompano Beach area. Continue reading on to learn more about these treatments and see how they can benefit your smile.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are used as a tooth replacement option. They come in different forms and can be permanently secured with the help of a dental implant. The teeth are attached to a gum-like base that is secured around the jawbone. They are a vital way to allow patients the freedom to enjoy eating and speaking comfortably.

How Often Do Dentures Need to Be Replaced?

It is natural for our gums and mouth to change shape over time as we age. Since dentures are custom to perfectly fit each smile, they will need to be replaced if the smile shifts with time. Dentures that do not properly fit can lead to severe issues such as mouth sores and infections. It is typically recommended to replace dentures every 5-7 years.

What is Involved With Repairing Your Dentures at Amador Dentistry?

There are several different parts or aspects of dentures that can be corrected or fixed when needed. Below are common denture repairs that are often required:

  • Adjustments. Dentures in a smile can rub against the gums and leave the mouth when are not properly fitted. Your dentist at Amador Dentistry can make the needed adjustments to allow your dentures to fit more properly.
  • Denture reline and rebase. The different parts of the denture, such as the acrylic base can be corrected for a better fit.

If you are in need of a denture adjustment or repair, we encourage you to contact our team for more information regarding treatment options.

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