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Thanks to dental innovations, millions of children rarely experience getting cavities in their teeth. Along with good oral hygiene and dental sealants, many kids have never had a cavity. However, due to poor eating habits and the sugary foods and drinks aimed at children, cavities are not a thing of the past, and dental fillings are still necessary.

How Old Should Children Be Before Getting Fillings?

Children of any age can get a cavity if their teeth are not taken care of, and their diet is poor. However, many concerned parents wonder where toddlers and kids whose permanent teeth haven’t emerged yet should get fillings.

Since the teeth for young children, around the age of five and under, still have their milk or baby teeth, parents wonder why fillings are necessary for these teeth. Their baby teeth will fall out as the permanent ones are ready to erupt through the gums.

Although their first teeth are temporary, it’s important to take good care of them. Our dentists at Amador Dentistry in Pompano Beach will drill out the decay in the tooth and fill it to keep the decay-causing bacteria from spreading to the surrounding teeth.

Are Fillings Safe for Kids?

Of the fillings that our dentists at Amador Dentistry use in their practices, composite resins and amalgam are the types that dentists near you in Pompano Beach use for children. Since amalgam fillings contain liquid mercury, researchers have studied them for decades.

Their studies have determined that amalgam fillings are safe to put into kids’ teeth, as are composite resin fillings. Both types of fillings are durable, so one of our dentists at Amador Dentistry can use them for the back teeth or those in front.

Due to the primary teeth being more porous than adult teeth, they are susceptible to tooth decay that forms cavities. Instead of ignoring them and waiting for the teeth to fall out, take your child to one of our dentists for dental fillings in Pompano Beach.

Developing good oral hygiene habits, which includes regular dental visits, are important for the health of your family’s teeth.

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