Dental Bridges in Pompano Beach, FL

Untreated tooth decay, caries and gum disease can cause teeth to fall out and leave gaps once the tooth is missing. Although dental enamel is known to be harder than human bones, it can and does wear away over time and the teeth become weak and vulnerable.

Our dentist in Pompano Beach is well-fabricated in dental bridges that help close gaps and allow patients to chew and speak without discomfort. Bridges are often recommended as affordable restorations that offer a slew of advantages to patients. They are not only aesthetic but also help improve the functionality of teeth as well.

With all its advantages and ease of affordability, it comes as no surprise that many dentists use bridges as a restoration of choice. Contact Amador Dentistry near you for more information regarding uses, types, costs and benefits of dental bridges.

How Dental Bridges Can Benefit You

Dental bridges consist of two or more crowns fitted securely onto an abutment or anchoring teeth or implants. It’s common to use dental bridges to replace 3 or 4 teeth as long as there are enough teeth to crown.

In the absence of natural teeth, your dentist may suggest getting implants in order to anchor the bridge. They are designed to last for several years and with proper care, may even last for more than a decade.

Bridges offer several advantages to patients:

  • They are small in size, provide chewing comfort and are extremely lightweight. You will not feel any ‘extra’ presence in the mouth while eating or speaking
  • Bridges restore normal bite force that was abnormal due to missing teeth
  • Once the bridge is in place, it prevents the shifting and moving of adjoining teeth into the gap.
  • Patients only require 2-3 visits to get their bridge treatment done

Our dentist in Pompano Beach suggests that dental bridges are especially suited for patients who have a low gum line. Low gum lines do not lend themselves to implants easily and bridges are the ideal restoration for such cases.

Contact Amador Dentistry in Pompano Beach for more information on dental bridges, crowns and veneers.

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