Top Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

Top Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

Jan 27, 2020

Teeth whitening is the most frequently requested cosmetic procedure at offices like Amador Dentistry in Pompano Beach. The treatment whitens the surface of the teeth with little risk, meaning patients still retain optimal oral health and wellness while getting the bright smile they deserve. If you have ever been interested in whitening your teeth, check out some of these great benefits from the procedure.

  • It Removes Surface Stains

The greatest reason why people invest in teeth whitening is to eliminate surface stains from the enamel of the teeth. Surface stains are discoloration that exists on the top layer of the teeth. These have not penetrated the enamel and are not a natural part of the teeth, but can be difficult to remove with a standard toothbrush and mouthwash.

Surface stains are caused by many factors, including using tobacco products, smoking substances of any kind, drinking beverages like coffee and tea, and consuming unhealthy foods. Teeth whitening eliminates these stains by breaking down hydrogen peroxide on the enamel, lifting away difficult discoloration. This leaves a smile that is lighter and brighter than normal.

  • It Conveys Youth

A common fear among people is growing older. Although it is a natural part of life, the beauty industry is booming because men and women want a way to reverse the process. This means tackling wrinkles, smoothing lines, coloring the hair, and even whitening the teeth.

As people age, the teeth tend to become yellow or brown. A variety of factors can cause this staining, include lifeline habits like smoking and drinking. Some medications that people take as they grow older can also cause discoloration, including ones frequently prescribed to manage heart conditions.

Teeth whitening is a way to target this discoloration and make the teeth lighter and brighter to give a semblance of youth to a smile. The procedure is simple and easy and can hide the discoloration associated with the elderly. This, in turn, leads to another benefit, which is the surplus of self-esteem one can achieve with a white smile.

  • Boosting Self-Confidence

The primary reason why many patients choose to whiten their teeth is to experience the boost in self-confidence associated with having a whiter, brighter smile. Although the media bombards the average person with images of perfect models, actors, and celebrities with gleaming white teeth, the truth is that the teeth are not naturally white. Instead, they tend to be off-white, gray, and even yellow.

This often leads healthy people to believe there is something wrong with them, but it’s normal to have discoloration of the teeth. However, teeth whitening can improve confidence in as little as a single appointment and can make you look stellar for special occasions like weddings, prom, senior pictures, or a job interview.

  • It’s Inexpensive

When people think of cosmetic procedures, they often worry about the expense. The majority of cosmetic treatments are not covered by standard dental and health insurance because they are considered luxuries, not necessities. For many, this often results in the procedures being unaffordable.

At Amador Dentistry in Pompano Beach, we offer inexpensive teeth whitening that can be performed in-office or in your own home using a specialty kit we supply. It is affordable for people with most budgets and backgrounds and can help you look and feel great.

  • It Can Help You Quit Smoking

This is one of the more unusual benefits we have discovered here at Amador Dentistry, but more and more people in Pompano Beach have started to whiten their teeth as a way to curb their smoking addiction. Smoking is one of the primary reasons why the teeth can become discolored, as the nicotine leaves brown stains along with the enamel.

Some individuals who have had trouble quitting in the past will whiten their teeth to remove the nicotine stains and then discover that the benefit of having white teeth makes them reluctant to light up another cigarette. While it’s not a foolproof method, it could be the push you need to improve your health.


These are only a small number of the many benefits that can be had by whitening your teeth with us at Amador Dentistry in Pompano Beach. Whatever your primary reason may be, we guarantee your appointment will be efficient, relaxing, and comfortable when you visit us.

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