How to Benefit from Dentures?

How to Benefit from Dentures?

Feb 01, 2021

Dental dentures are a great way of replacing your missing and damaged tooth. These false teeth restore your smile and help improve your quality of life. However, learning to live with dentures can be a challenge at times. Speaking, chewing, and adjusting to these false teeth is a problem for most people. More than that, dry mouth, bad breath, and mouth infection can also become issues. How can you ensure you get the full benefits of dentures? Here are seven tips:

    1. Choose Suitable Dentures

Dentures are available in two types; full and partial dentures.

Partial dentures are usually recommended if you have a few teeth missing and the remaining teeth are healthy. The teeth are attached to a pink-colored gum base that is connected to a metal frame. These dentures use the remaining natural teeth as support.

Full or complete dentures are used when you have more than half of the teeth missing. For these dentures to be made, the remaining teeth are extracted to create space.

Full dentures come in two types; immediate and conventional. Immediate dentures are fixed immediately after the teeth are extracted. These dentures are used as a temporary measure as you wait for the conventional one to be made. This is because as the gum heals, the jaw will shrink, and the dentures become ill-fitting. You’ll need constant adjustment when using the immediate dentures.

Conventional dentures are made after the gums have healed, which is usually eight to 12 weeks after extraction.

    1. Follow Good Dental Hygiene Habits

It is reported that more than half of the people who wear dentures develop a fungal infection. This is usually influenced by poor dental hygiene. When wearing these false teeth, you cannot compromise on your oral hygiene. Brush your dentures daily using a soft-bristled brush, and rinse them immediately after eating to get rid of the food particles. Also, don’t forget to rinse your mouth before putting them on to prevent plaque from the building.

When you are brushing your teeth, remember to clean your cheeks, palate, and tongue as they can be breeding grounds for bacteria.

    1. Soak the Dentures Daily

Your dentures must stay moist at all times. Dry dentures provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Make sure you soak the teeth in a denture solution when you are not wearing them. Consult our cosmetic dentist in Pompano Beach, FL, on the best denture solution to use.

    1. Give Your Mouth a Break

It is recommended to take out your denture for six to eight hours to give your tissues and gums a rest. This also prevents soreness and irritation. The best time to remove the dentures is when you are going to sleep.

    1. Avoid Dry Mouth

A dry mouth not only causes irritation and soreness but also increases your risk of dental cavities. Saliva is important in washing away food particles. People who wear dentures are known to have dry mouth occasionally. It is, therefore, important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your mouth moist.

Also, if you suffer from chronic dry mouth, consult Dr. Fabrizio Amador for assessment and proper treatment.

    1. Get Your Dentures Repaired on Time

Dentures can replace your missing teeth, but will not stop the alveolar bone from shrinking. Also, age plays a factor in the reabsorption of the supporting bone. This means that with time, the jaw will shrink, and the dentures become loose. It is important to have your dentures readjusted often to prevent further problems. It is easy for the dentures to break if they are ill-fitting.

Also, pay attention to how your gums feel when you wear the dentures. If you notice soreness and irritation, it is time to get denture tooth repair.

    1. Get Regular Dental Checkups

Regular dental assessments are vital to all people, but more so if you have dentures. It is with routine dental checkups that the dentist will be able to detect any dental problem.

Dental checkups also help to prevent gum disease and stop you from seeking a periodontist near you. Make sure you visit your dentists every six months or as advised by the dentist.

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